Smart Switch Agent



Quickly transfer files between Samsung devices


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Smart Switch Agent is a very handy tool for any Samsung user. Now you can easily tranfer any kind of information from one Samsung device to another. Let's say you recently bought a new smartphone and want to seamlessly transfer all your files from your old phone to your new Samsung smartphone, all you have to do is download this app and it'll handle everything wirelessly.

One of the main advantages of Smart Switch Agent is that you'll be able to transfer all kinds of items from one device to another. Plus,

Smart Switch Agent assures you'll never lose anything from your old smartphone ever again. Enjoy all your favorite multimedia content and important information from your old phone on your new device, no matter what model it is. Plus you can always count on Smart Switch Agent to save your content as a backup plan in case you lose any of your files.

Android 7.0 or higher required.